Who are we?

Lahaina’s story begins with a backpacking trip around the world with a stop on the Hawaiian island of Maui. After multiple stops on the most beautiful beaches of the world, we were seduced by its beaches, its green nature, its colours, its sunsets… and its small seaside resort of Lahaina.

Lahaina was therefore born from the meeting of several passions: travel, the sun, the beach and textiles.

At Lahaina, we believe that if life is beautiful, it is even more so in colour. We also believe that the beach is a state of mind, a way of life. This is why we want to create a real invitation to travel through our colourful creations inspired by the most beautiful landscapes worthy of postcards.

To finalize our project and add our tropical touch, our logo is directly inspired by the plumeria, a tropical flower with multiple colours and often used to make the famous Hawaiian flower necklaces.

Print on demand

At Lahaina, we have opted for a production on demand or POD (print on demand). In other words, the products are only made once the order has been placed. The purpose of this choice is to avoid overproduction or unnecessary production. With this bias, we have the ambition to avoid wasting raw materials in an industry that increasingly tends to reduce its ecological impact.

We also have several suppliers around the world, which allows us to design your orders closer to you and therefore reduce the journey between the factory and you.

However, we must remain lucid and realize that this process takes time and that the products therefore take longer to be made and therefore to arrive at the customer. This has the effect of increasing delivery times by two to three days.

The values that carry us



Your opinion matters. That's why we will often ask you for your opinion on our colours, our designs... Let's go on an adventure together.



Ecology plays a big role in our society. We want to minimize our impact on the planet as much as possible. That's why we chose print on demand.


An invitation to travel

With our colours and designs, our ambition is to make you travel and take you to the most beautiful beaches in the world.



Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, we will answer them with pleasure.

You and our products

Take a picture of yourself with one of our products and share it on your favorite networks using #lahainaaroundtheworld for a chance to see your picture on our networks and win a discount for your next order.

Who is behind lahaina?

David La Delfa

Founder, Brand Strategist

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